Hey, y’all!  

July was a great month for the restaurant. Thanks to every one of you for your hard work. And you’re all so fun to work with as well – that means the world.

The integration to Resy has gone very well and the restaurant is already busier because of it. You guys have been really great about being on top of it and have taken to the system very well. Awesome.

We have an offer from Colorado Athletic Club Union Station. They need 5 people for the discount to take effect, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get it set up. Here’s the breakdown:

            Enrollment Fee: $19 (Original: $199)

Monthly Dues: $67 (Original: $135)

Monthly Dues (if under 30): $49 (Original: $99)


We’re going to have a mandatory all-staff meeting in September. Text me and let me know if you’d prefer Sunday or Monday. I’m leaning towards Sunday myself.

I’m thinking of moving our staff communications off of text messaging and onto either Slack or a Facebook group. Text me your preference.

August is going to see a lot of us gone for vacation - including me. During my time away, I will be available at any time for phone calls and text messages with the exception of Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th. I’ll do my best to prep the restaurant for success. Feel free to come to me before I leave with any issues.

To recap, send me a text regarding Colorado Athletic Club, Sunday or Monday for a September Staff Meeting, and Slack or Facebook.

 Again, thanks to all of you for everything that you are doing. I really believe that we’re making something special.




Background photo courtesy of Michele