Hi Fam!

 Happy Friday.

 Next week, we begin taking reservations and tracking our table turn times more deliberately. The system that we are using is called Resy and it will be accessed through the iPad or through your phone. You can download the app from the AppStore. We are implementing this system to better meet the needs of our guests, get more guests into the restaurant, make more money for ourselves, and to make the world a better place through cheese.

 At least to start, and perhaps forever, we will only book a few seats at a time and save the rest for walk-ins. This will help us stay consistent with the history of The Truffle Table. But it will also allow for us to stop turning away guests who call for a table.

 Our guests will have questions for sure (especially over the phone), so here are some scenarios that can help the process.

 “Do you take reservations?”

 “We sure do! What night are you looking to come in? …. Perfect. We have a table and we will see you then!”


 “We don’t have a table at that exact time, but we do have one at this time. Would that work for you? Yes? Perfect.”


 “No? My apologies. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but we only reserve a small amount of our tables during service and hold the majority of our seats for walk-in guests. You’re welcome to just show up if you’d like. Or I’m also happy to place you on a waitlist right now for your desired time and we will do our best to get you seated then.”

 Every front-of-the-house staff member will need to be trained on the system, which is pretty intuitive. This needs to be done before you work next week. There is a link to training videos below. You are welcome to watch all of the videos if you’d like, but please at least watch “Seat walk-ins & Block a Table,” “Notify & Waitlist, “Book, Replot, Seat Reservation.” This should take no more than 45 minutes if done all together.  

Beyond using this system for reservations and handling the waitlist, we are going to track every table in order to get as accurate as possible on table turn times and guest demographics. This type of information makes us that much more able to provide a great experience for our guests.

I will get everyone a login soon. Possibly today, but certainly before next week.

I know that there will be some questions and concerns as this process gets implemented and I appreciate your patience. I will do my best to answer and address everything in a timely fashion.

 Just to make sure that this letter got to you, please text me directly with the words, “I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.”

 Thanks, y’all. You rock.


 Here's the link to the ResyOS Training Videos:


The password is resy1234

Pro Tip: Tap on your restaurant name and click the 'Support' function to ask our support team questions in real time while watching the videos.



Background photo courtesy of Michele